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Handmade in Morocco and London. This small basket is handcrafted from woven palm straw and hangs from leather handles. These baskets are hand painted with evil eye and therefore non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Every bag is unique, no two baskets are the same. Slight discrepancies in size, shape and finish are to be expected.

Please ask for an other color combination. Our baskets are made of palm straw and may move and can cause chipping of the paint which gives your basket a vintage look. We don't give guarantee on the paint.
Colour: Black, white, pink, red, dark blue, light blue, yellow, green, grey, silver

W 57 cm x H 35 cm (These are approximate measurements, as it is a handmade product, sizes can vary a couple centimeters.)

Handmade Palm Straw

100% short Leather Handles

Processing time approx 3 - 5 working days

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